February Newsletter 2023

February Newsletter 2023
chocolates with yellow and white gold diamond stud earrings in them

Happy February! This month we get to indulge our love for all things pink and heart-shaped, like these romantic tourmaline rings from Arman SarkisyanWe are open Tuesday - Thursday from 10am to 4pm and Friday - Saturday from 10am to 5pm for your Valentine gift giving. Stop by anytime or make an appointment. You can also text us at our main number (206.623.2528).

antique looking ring with pink tourmaline heart shape stones being held on a green background

February's birthstone is regal purple amethyst. Amethyst is believed to relieve stress, soothe irritability, balance mood swings, and dispel fear, anxiety, and negativity. This amethyst and diamond cobblestone heart from Single Stone would be the perfect gift for your February baby. Emerald, opal, turquoise, ruby, and sapphire are available as well!

yellow gold heart necklace with diamonds paved into it on a gold chain

Instead of a box of chocolates, how about a Candy ring from Alex Sepkus? Every color mix is hand-selected with multicolored sapphires and diamonds. We've been carrying this incredible designer for 30 years now, and we love the glow of his intricately hammered 18k gold. All of the detail work on these heirloom-quality pieces is done by hand under a microscope!

stack of yellow gold rings with multicolored sapphire and diamonds

Give her the moon and stars with celestial jewelry from Single Stone and John Apel. Jewelry with celestial motifs evokes a sense of joy and magic, and is associated with luck, love, and protection. Throughout the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods, a moon and star together were a sweet statement of love, and where we can derive the phrase, “love you to the moon and back."

yellow gold oval chain necklace with large crescent moon and star with pave diamonds

February is tulip season at Pike Place Market, and our giant tulip windows are back! Nothing goes better with a bunch of flowers than our favorite Alex Sepkus heart pendant. We love how subtle the heart shape is, which makes this necklace a great choice even if you don't think of yourself as a heart jewelry person. 

artistic yellow gold heart pendant on a chain on a pink tulip

This month marks the 15-year anniversaries of Keiko and Justine! They started a week apart in 2008. Keiko is our inventory manager, and keeps the store running with her impeccable organizational skills. She loves to garden and keep bees in her spare time. Justine is our buyer, and also runs our social media. When she's not thinking about jewelry, she loves to read and quilt.

photo of two women smiling against the side of a building


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January Newsletter

January Newsletter
Three gold and diamond bracelets on a wrist

Happy January and Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and maybe even received some new jewels. This month we will be open Tuesday - Thursday from 10am to 4pm, and Friday - Saturday from 10am to 5pm. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

white dial watch with champagne cork on white background

January's birthstone is the garnet, which is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history. Although red is the best known color, they come in many beautiful shades including orange, green, and purple. We love this juicy rhodolite garnet ring in 22k gold from Gurhan

hand with pink gemstone ring in yellow gold over a green background

No other gemstone symbolizes new beginnings quite like the vivid green emerald. We just received an incredibly special necklace from Bayco Jewels featuring a hand-carved Colombian emerald cameo from the Victorian era. Emerald carvings are extremely rare, as the material is very delicate to work with. Female faces are exceptionally rare during this time period as well. 

wood bust with gold necklace featuring a large emerald gemstone

New Year, new you? Our Erica Molinari charm collection is perfect for symbolizing your intentions for the year. We love these talismans with sayings of strength, courage, love, and life's lessons in Italian and Latin. With most charms available in sterling silver, silver with 18k gold trim, or all gold with diamond accents, this collection has something for everyone.

4 charms in silver and yellow gold on a chain

Are you thinking of getting engaged in 2023 or know someone who is? Our selection of engagement rings features everything from create your own rings with ethically sourced or lab-grown diamonds, to one-of-a-kind rings with antique or rustic diamonds. We also have gorgeous sapphire, ruby, and emerald rings. If you're looking for something special and unique, come see us!

emerald cut diamond ring in white gold on a peach background
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Alex Sepkus Trunk Show and December Newsletter 2022

Alex Sepkus Trunk Show and December Newsletter 2022
gold and diamond rings with colored stones. "Alex Sepkus Special Event This Weekend"
faceted pearl and diamond bead necklace with gold gold clasp

Happy December and happy first day of the Alex Sepkus Trunk Show! The holidays are here and we have extended our hours to Monday - Saturday from 10am - 5pm. We will also be open everyday from December 12 - 24. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text 206-623-2528.

yellow gold and sapphire and diamond rings

It's the most wonderful time of the year - our annual Alex Sepkus Trunk Show is here! Candy will be here December 1-3 with the collection of intricate designs with one-of-a-kind gemstones. We have been carrying this incredible designer for 30 years, and look forward to this event all year long. Appointments are going quickly, reserve yours today

Tanzanite necklace with gold clasp on a wood prop

Lucky December babies have three gorgeous birthstones to choose from! Tanzanite is the exquisite blue-purple variety of the mineral zoisite that is only found in one part of the world. Named for its limited geographic origin in Tanzania, tanzanite has quickly risen to popularity since its discovery in 1967. Tanzanite is also the gem for a 24th wedding anniversary.

large blue stone

The second December birthstone, zircon is a tragically underrated gemstone that’s often confused with synthetic cubic zirconia due to similar names. Few people realize that zircon is a spectacular natural gemstone available in a variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, brown, green, and blue. 

two images: both are turquoise and diamond silver and gold earrings being held in front of black marble

Last but not least, turquoise has a rich history throughout millennia and across a variety of cultures. The earliest uses were beads found in Iraq, dating back to 5000 BC, and Native Americans have mined turquoise in the southwestern part of the United States for nearly a thousand years. We love these new turquoise earrings from Arman!

three necklaces being held in a hand with bright orange nail polish against a marble background

Speaking of Arman, we just received a gorgeous new selection of Arman Sarkisyan jewelry yesterday! We particularly love these new lockets in 22k gold and silver with emerald, lapis, and opal. Stop by the store or text us at 206-623-2528 to see more! These are so new they are not on the website yet.

multiple bangle bracelets in gold and silver with diamonds being held

Rene Escobar bracelets are such a great gift, and they are going quickly! These unisex silver bracelets have a sheet of 18k yellow, rose, or white gold fused to the top, making them so wearable, and so well priced, we can never keep them in stock for long. Perfect for gifting to yourself or someone else! 

gold and silver charms on a necklace on a white background

New charms from Erica Molinari just arrived too! These make wonderful gifts for everyone. The silver charms start at around $200, and go up from there with options in two-tone silver and 18k gold, or all gold with diamonds. We love to build stories with a beautiful mix of charms with meaningful motifs, symbols, and phrases. 


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November newsletter

November newsletter
stacks of yellow and rose gold and diamond rings

Happy November! We are having two trunk shows this month, both great opportunities to shop for the holidays. Read on for more details! We are open from 10am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday this month, then open Monday - Saturday from Thanksgiving until Christmas. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

silver wide cuff bracelet with rose cut diamonds set in a square on top

Our annual Todd Reed Trunk Show is this month! Join us November 17-19 to see his incredible collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry, made completely by hand with reclaimed metals in Boulder, Colorado. Todd works with rustic and white diamonds, patina sterling silver, palladium, and luscious 18k yellow and rose gold.

3 rose gold and 1 white gold ring with natural colored rough diamonds

We will be welcoming Denise from Sethi Couture for a special one-day pop-up on Saturday, November 19th! Sethi Couture is best known for their stacking rings (our philosophy - if you can still bend your knuckle there is room for another). We also love their stud earrings, diamond pendants, bangle bracelets, and other everyday jewelry essentials. 

Stack of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold rings with pendant hanging down

Manuel from Bayco Jewels will be visiting us from New York on November 16-17. If you are looking for something very special for the holidays, please let us know! Manuel will be taking private in-store appointments, and is happy to curate a selection of fine emerald, sapphire, and ruby jewelry for you to view.

Emerald and diamond bracelet on a hand with a leaf background

New Arman Sarkisyan jewelry is here! The sweetest baby bird locket in hand-engraved 22k gold, and baby bird studs in oxidized silver and diamonds. We also have the Louiza studs with rose cut diamonds in oxidized silver. Arman's jewelry is so intricate and unique, it always makes our heart skip a beat!

Hand holding two pairs of silver earrings and one gold pendant

Those with November birthdays have two beautiful birthstones to choose from: topaz and citrine. Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors; citrine is prized for its yellow and orange hues. These classic earrings from Ray Griffiths are available in both gemstones (plus turquoise for next month's birthstone).

Gold earrings with gemstones scattered around them

To show our thanks during the month of November, we will be donating a portion of proceeds to Northwest Harvest. This local charity supports a statewide network of 375 food banks, meal programs, and high-needs schools. Equitable access to nutritious food is a catalyst for achieving stability and creating healthy, strong communities.

Rainbow of vegetables

Upcoming fall events:

Todd Reed - November 17-19
Sethi Couture - November 19
Alex Sepkus - December 1-3

Read more on our Events page and book your appointments for our holiday trunk shows!

3 images: left is one tall stack of yellow gold and diamond rings; top right is two hands folded over each other with multiple ring; bottom right is gold and diamond earrings on wood


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October News

October News
5 gold diamond and blue sapphire rings with the words "Single Stone Trunk Show/ Meet the designer/ October 21 & 22"

Happy October! We are so ready for sweater weather and jeans with luscious gold bracelets. We also have a new addition to our fall trunk show schedule, keep reading for all the details! You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

Hand in a pocket with two bracelets on. Body is wearing a black sweater and dark jeans.

Save the date! Corina from Single Stone will be here for a personal appearance and trunk show, October 21-22. Don't miss the chance to meet her and see the entire collection of gorgeous classic jewelry featuring antique and vintage diamonds. This is also a great time to do a custom design or reset your diamond with Corina!

Photo of Ari and Corina from Single Stone sitting on a couch.

Opal, October's first birthstone, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Opal is a type of quartz that forms tiny spheres. When light hits the spheres, all the colors of the spectrum appear. In different lights, an opal’s rainbow fragments shift and change, revealing a fascinating display. We have some lovely opals from Ray Griffiths

photo of a woman wearing opal earrings, ring, and necklace. And a gold bracelet.

Tourmaline, the second October birthstone, is one of our favorite gemstones. Egyptian legend says that tourmaline received its colors as it passed through a rainbow on its way up from Earth’s core. The gem symbolizes inspiration and once was believed to protect against evil. Our newest Alex Sepkus bracelet features blue-green tourmalines.

Close up photo of a wrist wearing 3 gold bracelets. One has tourmaline beads

If you are thinking of buying a Nomos Glashutte timepiece, we have a great selection right now, including this newly arrived Club Campus. Almost all Nomos models are backordered by 10 months or more, so if we have one in stock that you love, we highly recommend picking one up. We also keep a waitlist for backordered models.

Photo of a watch with a dark purple face.

While in NYC this summer, we met with the lovely and gracious 3rd generation Hadjibay family at Bayco Jewels, who has long been our most trusted brand for extremely fine emerald, ruby, and sapphire pieces. If you are looking for something magnificent, you can now find a gorgeous selection of one-of-a-kind Bayco Jewels at Fox's. 

Birds eye photo of a coffee cup with blue sapphire jewelry all around.

Our fall trunk show schedule has begun! Stay tuned for more details, and save the date for these favorites:

Single Stone: October 21-22
Todd Reed: November 17-18
Sethi Couture: November 19
Alex Sepkus: December 1-3

Photo of a woman in a sweater holding her necklace with three large charms on it.
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Fall Jewelry and Events at Fox's

Fall Jewelry and Events at Fox's
4 charms on a silver chain with the words Erica molinari in the lower left corner

Happy September! Our holiday orders are arriving, and we have never seen the store so chock full of gorgeous jewels! We also have a fantastic fall trunk show schedule with Erica Molinari, Single Stone, Todd Reed, and Alex Sepkus. We are here Tuesday through Saturday. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

womans neck with three charm necklaces in sterling silver and gold

Save the date! Erica Molinari will be here for a personal appearance and trunk show, September 16-17. Don't miss the chance to meet her and see her entire collection, including these hand-painted enamel charms that just arrived today! Erica loves to learn new jewelry techniques and always has something up her sleeve. And Felecia will be here too!

3 Hand painted charms in yellow gold on a hand. One white flower, one monarch butterfly and one mushroom.

September babies are lucky indeed to have sapphire as their birthstone! We have so many stunning pieces right now, including this sapphire ring from Single Stone. Most people think of classic royal blue when it comes to this gemstone, but sapphires come in every color of the rainbow (except the color red, which is classified as ruby). Sapphires symbolize loyalty, nobility, sincerity and integrity. 

emerald cut blue sapphire ring with two emerald cut diamonds on white back ground

Speaking of sapphires in every color, the rest of our Alex Sepkus order is here! Now is the perfect time to shop to get the best selection for the holidays. We are all stocked up on Candy rings in every mix of colors you can imagine, one-of-a-kind gemstone rings and necklaces, lots of fun earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more! 

yellow gold rings with multicolored sapphires

Zoey and Justine were in NYC last month, and are thrilled to be bringing in more jewelry from longtime Fox's favorite Ray Griffiths. He is a ray of Australian sunshine, formally trained as a teenager to restore antique tiaras. These days he loves to combine his meticulous gold crownwork with gorgeous gems. We especially love his stretchy gemstone bracelets.

tray of colorful gold jewelry

In celebration of Rosh Hashanah, we will be donating a portion of sales to Jewish Family Service during the month of September. In 1892, a group of 70 local Jewish women laid the groundwork for this charitable organization, which is a helping hand in our community to people of all backgrounds. 

Plate with apple shaped pastry and pink opal necklace and earrings

Our fall trunk show schedule is coming together! Stay tuned for more details, and save the date for these favorites:

Erica Molinari: September 16-17
Single Stone: October 21-22
Todd Reed: November 18-19
Alex Sepkus: December 1-3

4 images of jewelry. Upperleft neck with 3 chains of charm necklaces. Upper right is close up on waist with wrist in jeans with 4 bracelets. Lower left stack of 4 rustic diamond rings in different metal colors. Lower left is 6 yellow gold rings with multiple colors and shapes.
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Summer Jewelry Drop 2022!

Summer Jewelry Drop 2022!
gold and silver lockets with opal, sapphire, and tourmaline center stones being held in a hand with a marble background

Happy August! We hope you are having a wonderful summer and staying cool through all the heat. We are here Tuesday through Saturday with beautiful jewelry and air conditioning! You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

yellow gold wide rings with gemstones and some narrow bands on white background

Thank you to everyone who came to our Samantha Louise Trunk Show last weekend! If you missed it, never fear. Samantha was kind enough to leave the jewelry and it will be here until Saturday, August 6th! We love her signature satin-finish gold jewelry with pops of emerald, opal, turquoise, and rustic diamonds. So fun for summer and all year round.

woman with long brown hair smiling in front of Fox's window

Jerri just celebrated 5 years at Fox's! She is such an important part of our team. Jerri holds two gemological degrees, including one that fewer than 400 people have. She is our gemstone expert extraordinaire, an incredibly knowledgeable salesperson, and she is responsible for our website too. She also makes a great jewelry model!

old fashioned painting of woman with a crown and scepter and rings

August babies have three birthstones to choose from: peridot, sardonyx, and spinel. Spinel is an incredibly beautiful gemstone which has spent most of its history being confused for ruby. Some of the most famous rubies in the world, including the Black Prince's Ruby in the crown jewels of England (shown here on Queen Victoria at her coronation), have actually turned out to be spinels. 

photo of two women in the rain with the empire state building in the background

Justine and Zoey are heading back to NYC for their last buying trip of the year on August 14th! Follow along on Instagram to see all of the sights, tons of jewelry, and who knows? Maybe a new designer! If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, let us know. We will be seeing Erica Molinari, ILA, John Apel, Rene Escobar, and more.

4 charms on a necklace. Differing sizes and shapes. on a white background.

Save the date! Erica Molinari will be here next month for a personal appearance and trunk show, September 16-17. Don't miss the chance to meet her and see her entire collection, which is much more than just the charms she is best known for! Erica loves to learn new jewelry techniques and always has something new up her sleeve. 

wrist with a pink faced watch. Wrist is in a pocket. Person is wearing a white shirt with cream pants

Many of our designers have much longer delivery times than usual right now. Alex Sepkus is currently delivering in December, Single Stone takes approximately 15 weeks, and Nomos is backordered 6-10 months on almost all models. If you have something particular in mind for the holidays or any other upcoming occasions, we would love to help!


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Summer 2022 Jewelry Drop!

Summer 2022 Jewelry Drop!
blue background with the words "Samantha Louise Trunk Show July 29-30" written above 5 yellow gold diamond rings sitting on a rock

Happy July! Summer is a great time to be in Seattle. Pike Place Market is bursting with flowers, the Fairmont's gorgeous new restaurant The George is open, and we are here Tuesday through Saturday with beautiful jewelry! You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

16 images of the Pike Place Market from flowers to the view from the market at night

Join us for our Samantha Louise Trunk Show on July 29th - 30th! Samantha will be making a personal appearance on both days to show off her entire collection, including these unique and completely customizable bands in her signature satin-finish gold. We love her ear cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, stacking bands, and engagement rings too! 

Yellow gold and emerald rings and turquoise ring

July babies have one of our favorite birthstones - the incredibly juicy ruby! Rubies symbolize love, energy, passion, and a zest for life. Along with sapphires, they score a 9 out of 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, making them a wonderful gemstone to use for an engagement ring or wedding band. Rubies are also the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. 

thumb and forefinger holding ruby earrings

Zoey and Justine are back from their buying trip to Las Vegas, and new one-of-a-kind jewelry is already starting to roll in! Our first stop is always Alex Sepkus so we get first pick. We fell in love with this faceted Tahitian pearl and diamond necklace. It's not too early to shop for the holidays, because when these pieces are gone they're gone! 

Woman wearing glasses wearing a pearl and diamond necklace

One of the most fun things we bought in Las Vegas was a collection of rainbow sapphire stacking rings from Sethi Couture. We bought the whole set of nine different styles, and they are already here! Shop in-store or online. We will be donating 5% of the proceeds of each sale to the Trevor Project.

18K yellow gold stack of rainbow sapphire rings with a peachy orange background

We also brought back some spectacular new pieces from Single Stone! We are especially excited about the Evren long 18k gold chain with a charm holder at the end. We got the Ophelia moon charm with antique old mine and old European cut diamonds, and the Kinsley pave diamond star pendant. 

figure wearing a sweater holding a necklace in yellow gold with a crescent moon, a star and a cameo pendant

We had such a hard time deciding what to get from Arman Sarkisyan. His jewelry always makes us swoon! We bought lovely hand-engraved lockets with sapphires, tourmaline, and opal. He generously sent us even more jewelry for our cases, including our favorite bracelet that he has ever made! Text or email for photos, or just stop by.

yellow gold wide bracelet with the word "Love" written in silver and diamonds


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June Jewelry Events at Fox's

June Jewelry Events at Fox's

June is a big month for anniversaries at Fox's! Second-generation owners Joy and Chai, and third-generation owner Zoey and her husband Jordan celebrate this month, and we know a lot of you do too. June is also a big month for dads and grads. We are open Tuesday-Saturday for walk-ins and appointments. You can also text us through our website or at our main number (206.623.2528). We love to help with gift ideas!

Black and white photo of two men and two women dressed up for a wedding

Join us for our first ever Rene Escobar Trunk Show and personal appearance, June 24-25! Rene will be here with his entire collection of unisex bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. He uses a mix of sterling silver and gold, so the price point is perfect for treating yourself. Don't miss the chance to meet him in person, we are sure you will love him as much as we do!

photo of a man with glasses working on jewelry at a bench

Pearls are a timeless classic, perfect for celebrating a graduation, wedding, or professional accomplishment. They are also the traditional birthstone for June! Pearls have been treasured since ancient times, and never go out of style. We love how Alex Sepkus puts a unique and unexpected spin on them with gorgeous interchangeable clasps.

Two hands holding a white pearl necklace with a gold clasp


Lucky June babies actually have three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Alexandrite is a rare color-change gemstone. We have a beautiful one-of-a-kind Candy ring from Alex Sepkus featuring alexandrite and sapphire. Moonstone is a mystical gem that glows like its namesake. We love the moonstone gem tab by Lauren Newton.

multicolor gemstone tabs on a yellow chain

Watches are a great gift for all of June's special occasions. We have a great selection of Nomos Glashutte watches right now, which is quite a feat with almost all of their watches on a 6-10 month backorder. The new Club Campus in Deep Pink very nearly ended up on Zoey's wrist instead of in the case!

Pink face Nomos watch on a wrist

If you are looking for an anniversary or wedding gift, Single Stone never fails to please with classic essentials like stud earrings, pendants, and bracelets. They are best known for their beautiful and sustainable antique and vintage diamonds in handmade gold settings. We love them for engagement rings and wedding set updates too!

two hands folded. One with an engagement ring and the other with rings and multiple bracelets

Save the date for our Samantha Louise Trunk Show and personal appearance July 29-30! Samantha was such a hit when she was here last summer, we asked her to come again! Her satin-finish gold is so pretty for everyday, especially with her signature pops of emerald, turquoise, and opal. 

Photos of orange and yellow flowers next to a woman standing

We have added Affirm financing to our website! Each item now shows what the monthly payment would be to buy now and pay over time. These gorgeous Rene Escobar bangles are as low as $95 per month when you purchase with Affirm. We also have a Fox's credit card through the American Gem Society, apply in store only.  

photos of multiple bangle bracelets in yellow, rose and white gold being held in a hand

Zoey and Justine are headed to Las Vegas this week for their annual jewelry buying trip to the Couture show! Follow along on Instagram stories to see all of the goodies at our appointments with Alex Sepkus, Single Stone, Arman Sarkisyan, Rene Escobar, Erica Molinari, John Apel, Sethi Couture, Gurhan, and more. If you are looking for anything special, let us know!

Photo of a woman wearing a tiara and looking up
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Trunk Show and May News!

Trunk Show and May News!
Stack of rings in white and rose gold with diamonds and a pendant hanging and earrings on the ground.

Happy May! This month we are open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am - 4pm, Friday to Saturday until 5pm for appointments. You can also text us through our website or at our main number (206.623.2528). Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8th, and we would love to help you with gift ideas.

yellow and white gold charms with the letters "M" "O" "m"

Our annual Sethi Couture Trunk Show is this weekend, May 6-7! Make your appointment now to see all the stacking bands, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, perfect for everyday wear. Save 15% off all Sethi Couture jewelry during the show. We will also be gifting a lovely little travel jewelry pouch with purchase. 

woman's neck and hands showing off rings and necklaces

May's birthstone is the mesmerizing emerald. The vivid green of emeralds radiates spring, hope, and rebirth. We love emerald jewelry from ILA, including this gorgeous emerald ring in 14k recycled gold for just $1,105. We have a matching emerald pendant and emerald stud earrings as well!

yellow gold emerald cut emerald ring with small diamonds on a white table with black background.

This month, we will be celebrating Mother's Day by donating a portion of proceeds to Mary's Place. No one's child should sleep outside, and the mission of Mary's Place is to help local moms, children, and families safe and sheltered on their journey out of homelessness and domestic violence. To learn more, please visit our charitable giving page.

little boy missing his front teeth looking into camera and smiling with another child in the back ground.

Save the date! We will be having our first ever Rene Escobar Trunk Show next month. Join us June 24-25 to see the entire collection and meet Rene. We are so excited to have him here and know you will love him as much as we do! In the meantime, we just restocked our favorite Rene Escobar bangles.

diamond and multi colored gold bangles being held in a hand


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