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Visit to Todd Reed

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Alison recently had the opportunity to visit Todd Reed's studio in Boulder, Colorado. Every time one of us is lucky enough to visit a designer's studio, we come away with an even greater appreciation for their process and workmanship. This trip was no exception!

The studio is modern, clean, and elegant. There are two floors of workbenches just like the one you see in the photo above. 

Three lead jewelers manage the workflow in the studio, and each piece of jewelry to be made is assigned to the jeweler who is best suited to that particular piece. 

Each of the 23 jewelers has their own station, and makes the piece from start to finish. It is a very detailed process, beginning with the jeweler choosing which diamonds to use from dishes full of every kind of raw diamond you can imagine, every one different from the next.  

Each jeweler has their own interpretation of Todd's signature finish and can identify their own work. If a piece ever goes back to the studio for an adjustment, it goes back to original jeweler. 

Once the piece of jewelry is finished, it goes through quality control and an official Todd Reed certificate is made for your one of a kind piece.

If you are planning a trip to Boulder and would like a personal tour of Todd's studio, just let us know! We would love to arrange it for you.

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