Celebrate September with Sapphires

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Celebrate September with Sapphires
yellow gold leaf necklace on wood background
Happy September! We just returned from buying trips to New York and Las Vegas to find the most beautiful jewelry for the fall and the holidays. Now is a great time to start looking for the perfect gift. This one-of-a-kind necklace by Alex Sepkus is just one of our finds. We are now open Tuesday - Saturday. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 
pink stone necklace with gold clasp on wood background
We are deeply saddened to share that Alex Sepkus passed away on Sunday, September 5th. We have been honored to carry his jewelry from the very beginning, nearly 30 years ago. During that time, his unique, whimsical, and marvelous workmanship has become the cornerstone of our store. Rest assured that his extraordinary archive of unreleased work and his master jewelers will keep his artistic vision thriving for years to come.
photo of Alex Sepkus above. Below is a photo of a gold brooch
September babies are lucky indeed to have sapphire as their birthstone. Most people think of classic royal blue when it comes to this gemstone, but sapphires come in every color of the rainbow (except the color red, which is classified as ruby). Sapphires symbolize loyalty, nobility, sincerity and integrity. This blue sapphire pendant by ILA would be the perfect birthday gift!
Blue and gold pendant with chain on white background
Gold is back in a big way! Our favorite trend for fall is classic gold bracelets. Stack them up high and wear them with everything! We have an incredible selection of heirloom quality gold bracelets in 18k recycled gold from Single Stone. They also have stunning antique diamond bracelets. All of these pieces are also available in rose gold, champagne gold, and platinum.
yellow gold bracelets on a wrist with a sweater
In celebration of Rosh Hashanah, we will be donating a portion of sales to Jewish Family Service during the month of September. In 1892, a group of 70 local Jewish women laid the groundwork for this charitable organization, which is a helping hand in our community to people of all backgrounds. Right now they are urgently seeking donations to support individuals and families arriving from Afghanistan. 
Jewelry on a plate surrounding a pastry made to look like an apple
Designer Spotlight: Nomos Glashutte
Small village in Germany next to train tracks
Nomos Glashutte is the largest manufacturer of fine timepieces in Glashutte, Germany. This little town in Eastern Germany boasts 175 years of watchmaking tradition. Prior to the Cold War, German-made watches were equal in prestige to Swiss-made. When the Berlin Wall went up, German watchmaking vanished into obscurity. In 1990, Roland Schwertener founded Nomos Glashutte to reintroduce the world to German watches. These timepieces showcase Bauhaus-inspired design and in-house movements, made almost entirely by hand in their factory, located in an old train station. We also love that Nomos is a small, family-owned business just like we are! Our Nomos representative will be coming at the end of this month with the new collection and Nomos swag in hand. Stay tuned for more details!