Fox's Seattle Presents: The GeekWire Podcast

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We hosted the fast-growing, national technology news site and weekly podcast GeekWire in our store! With strong roots in the Seattle region and a large audience of loyal, tech-savvy readers around the globe, co-founders and hosts John Cook and Todd Bishop cover some of the most widely followed and innovative tech companies in the world, and one of the most vibrant startup markets in the country. To listen click Here!

Photo of inside of Fox's Seattle during the Geek wire podcast. Chai and Zoey as guests with the two hosts.

We discussed our long history and the new Fox's Seattle Design Studio that lets you use technology to design a custom piece with complete ease!

Chai and one host in Fox's during the podcast taping
Zoey talking on the Geek Wire podcast.

And to make the experience even better for GeekWire listeners, we're offering a special gift of 15% off your purchase. Terms and conditions are as follows:

The 15% off does not apply to loose diamonds, Nomos watches, and already discounted items.

The 15% off only applies to a mounting of the engagement ring, not the center diamond.

The 15% off applies to new purchases only.

The 15% off applies to pieces over $1,000.00.

*Diamonds are priced at current market prices.

Visit our store and mention GeekWire for 15% off your purchase; or if you're shopping online use the code GeekWire17 at checkout for the same discount (the same terms and conditions apply as above). 


Photo of Zoey and Chai with the hosts of Geek Wire in the new Fox's Seattle


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