Happy New Year and Thank You From Fox's!

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As our second year in our new location at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel draws to a close, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has come in to see us this holiday season. We love hearing the stories about how a stop at Fox's is an annual tradition. We take pride in carrying unique pieces from designers you won't find anywhere else, and it gives us great joy to be a part of the special moments in your lives.

Front window and door of the new Fox's Seattle

Not all of you are old enough to remember Sid Thal, the grandfather of our owner Zoey, and the first generation of our third generation family-owned store. He bought Fox's in 1948 with $15,000 in loans, and not enough money to paint a new sign on the door. In 1998, Sid wrote a wonderful book, "Loose Gems," about his experiences in life and in the jewelry industry. 

photo of Chai and Sid looking at each other with Sid's book "Loose Gems" imposed in bottom right cornerold ad from Fox's Gem Shop

This little gem is one of our favorites:

"It's not your money until you spend it," my friend Charlie said. 

"Great line," I told him. "Is it original or did you hear it?"

"It's not original and I don't remember." In his late eighties, like I am, he suffers from a little short-term memory loss. Who doesn't, I wonder.

I called my friend Kelly who has a doctorate in economics. He knows all about money and how to spend it, and does. I asked if he had ever heard the expression. 

"That's a good one," he answered. "Very profound. Sure you didn't make that up to sell jewels to your customers at Fox's?"

That would be stooping too low, wouldn't it?

It was Ben Franklin who said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Of course, he spent money like a drunken sailor when he was our ambassador to France. "Frugal Ben" and his purse were big hits with the ladies in Paris. 

Speaking of frugal, we once had a customer whose wife for years brought back every Christmas present he gave her. "He works too hard for his money. He's a dentist and stands on his feet all day," she said as she returned each beautifully wrapped package unopened. 

"Better to have sore feet than a broken heart," I said to her one January, tired of hearing the same excuse year after year.

Too bad she couldn't see the love with which her husband selected every gift, the time he spent on his afternoon off just to find the right piece of jewelry for her. 

At Fox's, we know about gifts. It doesn't have to take big money to make it a big moment between you and that special person.

And frankly, money can be such a pain. It needs attention, like a child. You worry about interest rates, inflation, the economy, and where and if to move it. Life is for living, so why not spread a little joy along the way. 

Remember, "It's not your money until you spend it!"

P.S. This message is NOT sponsored by your local Savings & Loan.

P.P.S. The dentist still came in for many years for gifts. I often wondered for whom they were purchased, because they were never again returned.