Heirloom Jewelry

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One of our favorite things about jewelry is the way it can last from generation to generation if cared for properly. Jewelry that has been worn and loved by a beloved relative can be powerfully sentimental and give the current wearer a feeling of closeness to the previous owner.

If you have inherited a piece of jewelry, the first thing to do is assess how it works for you. Does it fit? If not, we can size it! Is it broken or damaged? We can repair it. Occasionally we'll see ring mountings passed down, but with all the gemstones removed. In these cases, we can find gemstones for you and restore the ring to its previous glory. Sometimes the opposite happens, when you have an heirloom gemstone that you want to make your own. These are some of our favorite heirlooms to work with!

Here is an example of a ring we made for the store with an heirloom diamond. This Alex Sepkus ring is set with an Old European cut diamond. This diamond was cut by hand, probably by the light of a gas lamp, between the late 1800's and early 1900's. Old cut diamonds are increasingly hard to find, as they are frequently recut into modern round brilliants. We love the way they play with the light!

ALex Sepkus 18k yellow gold ring with old European cut diamond center.

Alex Sepkus Diamond and 18K Yellow Gold Ring

 If you have any heirloom jewelry that you'd like to start wearing, bring it in! We'd love to help you make it your own.



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