Fox's is Thankful For: Mariko Winters

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Fox's is Thankful For: Mariko Winters

If you've shopped at Fox's anytime over the last 27 years, then you've no doubt met or had the pleasure of working with our beloved Mariko Winters. Her smiling face and calm disposition have been a constant at Fox's since 1989. Mariko is planning to retire on her birthday next August, which will make this Mariko's last holiday season with us. We asked Mariko a few questions that we thought you'd enjoy about her time here - let's take a little trip down memory lane!

Photo of Fox's staff from the early 1990's

When did you start working here and why jewelry?- May 1st 1989. My friend at church was Zach Mann’s kindergarten teacher and knew that Chai was looking for someone who spoke Japanese.

Photo of Mariko Winters

What do you remember about your interview?- Chai asked if I could write really small. Because back then we hand wrote all the tags for each piece of jewelry.


Photo of Mariko Winters hiking

What was the first piece you ever sold?- A Tiffany & Co. Pin for $3,000.00

Photo of Mariko with a birthday cake at the old Fox's Gem Shop.


What is one thing you loved about that time?- I loved selling Tiffany silver. Buses of tourist would come in and we would line up all the receipts on the case and go down the line.

Mariko eating a pocket of rice.

What is your favorite thing about your career?- Custom. I love building a piece from scratch. One of my favorite pieces I ever made for a client was a jade men’s ring with the most beautiful piece of orange jade.

Mariko and Todd Reed at the new Fox's Seattle.

What is one of the craziest things that happened at work?- The earthquake in 2001. I was on the phone with a client and all of a sudden the huge Chihuly sculpture we had hanging from the ceiling started to sway and I said “I have to go I think we are having an earthquake”.

Photo of red and yellow Chihuly glass ceiling.

What is the strangest request you ever received?- Diamonds set into someone’s teeth!


Photo of a mouth with diamonds over the bottom teeth.

Who is the most famous person you ever helped?- Michael Douglas and Grand Master Flash.

Photo of a young Grand-master Flash


What is one of your favorite memories?- Going to Japan with Chai and Joy to meet a client. After that I took them on a tour of my hometown Nagoya. It was amazing!

Photo of Nayoga Japan building

What will you miss most about Fox’s?- My colleagues and Sushi Day!!

Photo of homemade sushi platter

What will you do in your retirement?- I am going to see the total eclipse in August in Wyoming. I will travel the country with my husband Dan and our doggies in our RV. My favorite places are the Mayan Ruins and Utah I plan to go back. We love to mushroom hunt and dig for razor clams. And spend time with my grandchildren.

Photo of Mariko holding up a clam on the beach.