October Newsletter: Single Stone Trunk Show and Birthstones!

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rings on white background with words below "Single stone trunk show October 22-23"
Happy October! New jewelry continues to roll in from our summer buying trips. Now is a great time to start looking for the perfect gift. This one-of-a-kind circa 1920's bracelet by Single Stone is one of our top picks. We are now open Tuesday - Saturday. You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 
woman with blue jeans and white shirt with bracelet on arm
We are thrilled to announce our first ever trunk show with Single Stone! Gabriella will be here October 22nd and 23rd with the entire collection of heirloom-quality recycled 18k gold jewelry featuring hand-selected antique diamonds. Whether you are looking for a classic gold bracelet or a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, this trunk show is one you won't want to miss!
multiple chains and pendants on white background
Opal, October's first birthstone, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. Opal is a type of quartz that forms tiny spheres. When light hits the spheres, all the colors of the spectrum appear. In different lights, an opal’s rainbow fragments shift and change, revealing a fascinating display. We have opal rings from Gurhan, and pink opals from Arman and Lauren Newton!
rainbow of colored stone rings in 18K yellow gold being held with a green background
Tourmaline, the second October birthstone, is one of our favorite gemstones. Egyptian legend says that tourmaline received its colors as it passed through a rainbow on its way up from Earth’s core. Our newest necklace from Alex Sepkus shows off the incredible range of gorgeous tourmaline colors! The gem symbolizes inspiration and once was believed to protect against evil. 
multicolored tourmaline necklace with gold and palladium characters held on a palm over a green background

Upcoming fall events:

Single Stone - October 22-23
Todd Reed - November 5-6
Sethi Couture - November 20
Alex Sepkus - December 2-4

The calendar is up for all of these trunk shows from our most popular designers! Make your appointments and save the dates. 
4 jewelry images. Upper left:two hands crossed with rings and bracelets. Upper right: silver cuff bracelet with diamonds. Lower left: stack of multicolored diamond bracelets. Lower Right: 3 gold rings on a wood background
Designer Spotlight: Sethi Couture
two women with lots of jewelry smiling at the camera
Designing sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi were raised by parents who are purveyors of rare and unusual diamonds, and so their childhood included an education in the world’s most exquisite stones, antique cuts, and rare natural color diamonds.

Combining their love of travel, architecture, and history with their passion for the natural beauty of color diamonds and unexpected vintage cuts of diamonds, Pratima and Prerna design a collection of elevated essentials that tells a story of the past, the present, and the future that can be cherished everyday. From the signature diamond stacking bands to the feminine silhouettes of vintage inspired collections, each Sethi Couture piece can be layered and collected to share your personal style and elevate the everyday.

Join us on November 20th for a one-day Sethi Couture pop up!