September's Birthstone: Sapphire

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September's Birthstone: Sapphire

September babies are lucky indeed to have sapphire as their birthstone. Most people think of classic royal blue sapphire when they think of this gemstone, but sapphires actually come in every color of the rainbow (except the color red, which is classified as ruby). They are a material called corundum, which is naturally colorless. Trace elements like iron, titanium, chromium, copper and magnesium present when corundum is formed create sapphires in blue, yellow, purple, orange or green, respectively.

Multi-colored sapphires  in rows

Due to the hardness of sapphires (they are a 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness, second only to diamonds which are a 10), they make a wonderful choice for an engagement ring. Lady Diana thought so in 1981, when she chose a 12-carat sapphire for her engagement ring. Prince William then gave the iconic ring to Kate Middleton in 2010. Sapphires are also used for scientific instruments, high-durability windows, watches and electronics.

Photo of Prince Charles and Diana, sapphire and diamond ring, and Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Sapphires symbolize loyalty, nobility, sincerity and integrity. They are associated with focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline and channeling higher powers.We have some very special sapphire pieces in the store right now. This one-of-a-kind handmade 18k rose gold ring by Todd Reed features sapphires in blue, pink, yellow, and lavender.

photo of Todd Reed 4 sapphire ring in rose gold

We hope you'll stop by and see all the lovely sapphire pieces we have!





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