Spotlight on Todd Reed

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"Lots of people claim to be innovators but Todd Reed is the real deal. His pioneering work with rough diamonds in the 1990s laid the foundation for an entirely new approach to diamonds that's been copied, mimicked, and reinterpreted by scores of jewelers. Among those in the know, however, it's clear that Todd came first."

- Victoria Gomelsky, Editor-in-Chief, JCK Magazine

Black and White photo of Todd Reed in his shop

 "Todd is one of a special breed of designers who can take what's classic - precious metals and gems - and create something that's totally modern. He's captured the essence of what modern luxury is: an object that holds high value without being too precious; an object one treasures but isn't afraid to wear every day. Todd is also one of those designers who, despite his success, remains approachable and down-to-earth.

-Hedda Schupak, Editor, Centurion Jewelry

Color photo of Todd Reed drawing at his desk.

When we first saw Todd Reed's jewelry at the annual Couture show in Las Vegas a few years back, we were instantly captivated. That year we brought home a rough gray diamond that looked like Mount Rainier, rising above a cloud of small white brilliant diamonds set in a palladium coin-edge halo. Our clients had never seen anything like this one-of-a-kind piece, and neither had we.

Todd Reed raw diamond ring with white diamond halo around. Set in white metal.

Todd is a man of many talents, which were fostered by growing up with an artist mother who immersed him in drawing, painting, and other artistic mediums from a yound age. At 10 years old a light went off in his head on a vacation to Arizona, where he watched as a sheet of silver was turned into a piece of jewelry in front of his eyes. By age 19 he had graduated from culinary school, and was working as a leathersmith when he met and was taken under the wing of a diamond collector. Todd fell in love with rough diamonds, and began designing jewelry around the organic shapes of these unique gemstones.

Todd Reed assortment of rings with natural color diamonds and white

In 1992 he started Todd Reed Jewelry with an aesthetic and committment to ethically sourced diamonds and recycled metals that was years ahead of its time. You can see glimpses into Todd's past as a leathersmith when you see his signature finish work, which can make a sterling silver cuff look as soft as a piece of leather. By the nature of the diamonds he uses, no Todd Reed piece will ever be the same as another. And who doesn't love to own something that no one else has?

photo of two men installing new background at Fox's Seattle

That is why we are so thrilled to be opening the Todd Reed Boutique at Fox's Seattle. Our entire back wall will be dedicated exclusively to Todd Reed jewelry. We hope you will join us for the grand opening and Todd Reed trunk show on Friday, August 12th and Saturday, August 13th. We have collaborated with Todd on several one-of-a-kind pieces just for Fox's Seattle, and during the trunk show his entire collection will be available for you to try on. You won't want to miss it!