Summer Jewelry Drop 2022!

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Summer Jewelry Drop 2022!
gold and silver lockets with opal, sapphire, and tourmaline center stones being held in a hand with a marble background

Happy August! We hope you are having a wonderful summer and staying cool through all the heat. We are here Tuesday through Saturday with beautiful jewelry and air conditioning! You can make an appointment to see us in person, shop online, or text us at our main number (206.623.2528). 

yellow gold wide rings with gemstones and some narrow bands on white background

Thank you to everyone who came to our Samantha Louise Trunk Show last weekend! If you missed it, never fear. Samantha was kind enough to leave the jewelry and it will be here until Saturday, August 6th! We love her signature satin-finish gold jewelry with pops of emerald, opal, turquoise, and rustic diamonds. So fun for summer and all year round.

woman with long brown hair smiling in front of Fox's window

Jerri just celebrated 5 years at Fox's! She is such an important part of our team. Jerri holds two gemological degrees, including one that fewer than 400 people have. She is our gemstone expert extraordinaire, an incredibly knowledgeable salesperson, and she is responsible for our website too. She also makes a great jewelry model!

old fashioned painting of woman with a crown and scepter and rings

August babies have three birthstones to choose from: peridot, sardonyx, and spinel. Spinel is an incredibly beautiful gemstone which has spent most of its history being confused for ruby. Some of the most famous rubies in the world, including the Black Prince's Ruby in the crown jewels of England (shown here on Queen Victoria at her coronation), have actually turned out to be spinels. 

photo of two women in the rain with the empire state building in the background

Justine and Zoey are heading back to NYC for their last buying trip of the year on August 14th! Follow along on Instagram to see all of the sights, tons of jewelry, and who knows? Maybe a new designer! If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, let us know. We will be seeing Erica Molinari, ILA, John Apel, Rene Escobar, and more.

4 charms on a necklace. Differing sizes and shapes. on a white background.

Save the date! Erica Molinari will be here next month for a personal appearance and trunk show, September 16-17. Don't miss the chance to meet her and see her entire collection, which is much more than just the charms she is best known for! Erica loves to learn new jewelry techniques and always has something new up her sleeve. 

wrist with a pink faced watch. Wrist is in a pocket. Person is wearing a white shirt with cream pants

Many of our designers have much longer delivery times than usual right now. Alex Sepkus is currently delivering in December, Single Stone takes approximately 15 weeks, and Nomos is backordered 6-10 months on almost all models. If you have something particular in mind for the holidays or any other upcoming occasions, we would love to help!