• Thank you Abreham and Mulugeta!
  • Justine Nickle

Thank you Abreham and Mulugeta!

Yesterday, our old garage, the Rainier Square Garage, closed its doors for good in advance of the upcoming demolition of Rainier Square. We want to take a moment to recognize Abreham and Mulugeta, our beloved valet attendants. If you've ever taken advantage of our validated parking over the years, no doubt you've met these two. For 20 and 17 years, respectively, they have parked both our cars and our clients' cars with friendliness and professionalism. Always asking, "How is your family?" and remembering exactly when we'd need our cars and having them ready for us. When we went down to say goodbye to them on Saturday, the play at the 5th Avenue Theatre was just getting out, and they were inundated with hugs and goodbyes from 5th Avenue regulars, many of whom we recognized as Fox's regulars as well!

Abreham fondly recalled parking Sid Thal's famous black cab, and remembered asking Sid the secret to his longevity. His answer? "Drink good whiskey!" 

We will continue to validate parking at the Olympic Parking Garage on 5th and Seneca, but we will miss our friends Abreham and Mulugeta, and wish them well.

  • Justine Nickle