Todd Reed Trunk Show, October Birthstones, and News!

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Todd Reed Trunk Show, October Birthstones, and News!


Todd Reed Palladium and rose gold fancy shape diamond rings


Arman Black Diamond jewelry

Happy October! Who else is excited for sweater weather, pumpkin everything, and black diamond jewels from Arman Sarkisyan? Our current schedule is Wednesday - Saturday from 10am - 2pm. Click here make an appointment. You can also text us through our website or at our main number (206.623.2528) with any jewelry questions you have.

Todd Reed diamond cuff

Our Todd Reed Trunk Show is this month! Join us by appointment only October 15-17 to see this incredible one-of-a-kind jewelry, made completely by hand in Boulder, Colorado. Todd works with rustic and white diamonds, patina sterling silver, palladium, and luscious 18k gold. Receive special pricing during the trunk show on these pieces of wearable art.

Sethi Couture rings

Did you miss our Sethi Couture Trunk Show? If so, don't worry! The Sethi sisters let us keep an incredible selection of stacking bands, pendants, studs and hoop earrings. We also have brand new black diamond strands and gorgeous diamond bangle bracelets. We love the versatility of these everyday classics. 

Gurhan Opal necklace

Lucky October babies have two birthstones! Opals symbolize faithfulness and confidence. Opals are a type of quartz that forms tiny spheres. When light hits the spheres, the colors of the visible spectrum become appear. In different lights, an opal’s rainbow fragments shift and change, revealing a fascinating display. Gurhan has an incredible selection of opal jewelry!

Sepkus Tourmaline ring

Tourmaline, the second October birthstone, is one of our favorite gemstones. Egyptian legend says that tourmaline received its colors as it passed through a rainbow on its way up from Earth’s core. The gem symbolizes inspiration and once was believed to protect against evil. You can find tourmalines in rich greens, juicy pinks, and even bicolor tourmalines that have both colors at once! Alex Sepkus always finds the most beautiful tourmalines. 

ILA engagement ring

Are you thinking of a romantic autumn engagement? If so, we have so many beautiful rings to choose from! Simple and classic rings from ILA, one-of-a-kind rustic diamond rings from Todd Reed, and our newest designer, Samantha Louise, who has a perfect combination of both!  All of these styles are also perfect if you're thinking of resetting a diamond you already have into something you will love even more. 

Todd Reed, Alex Sepkus and Samantha Louise rings

Mark your calendars now for our upcoming trunk shows:

Todd Reed, October 15-17
Samantha Louise, November 12-14
Alex Sepkus, December 3-5

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