Arman Sarkisyan

Close up of woman's face with hand covering one eye. That had has two 22k and white diamond rings on it. One blue triangular earring is shown.

Arman’s jewelry brilliantly juxtaposes old-world technique and modern aesthetic. Working in rich 22kt gold, oxidized silver, diamonds and bright gemstones, Arman uses methods like hand-engraving to achieve a rare level of intricacy and beauty. He views each piece as an original piece of wearable art.


Arman grew up watching his father’s work as a jeweler and today they work side-by-side. The methods are as ornate and intricate as each of Arman’s pieces. Inspired by his travels, art, as well as mystical and spiritual elements, many of his designs are a blend of the Gothic, Byzantine and Russian Renaissance eras.

About Arman Sarkisyan

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