Events and Promotions

Events and Promotions

Summer Pop-Ups:

We have three exciting pop-ups this summer. Right now we have a collection of jewelry from an up-and-coming designer we met in Vegas, Theresa Kaz. Theresa’s jewelry uses colorful gemstone baguettes and 18k gold in a fresh new way, with meaningful designs like compasses, hearts, and rainbows. The collection will be here until July 6th.

On July 9th, we’ll begin featuring Portland designer Leslie Paige. Leslie is known for her signature “Perched” ring, which is designed to showcase both the back and front of a faceted gemstone. We also love her puzzle rings and her bracelets, which are engraveable and are secured with screws using gemstones of your choice.

During July and August, we’ll be featuring a selection of stunning hand-crafted boxes and bowls by Todd Reed. When Todd isn’t making jewelry, he loves to make objets d’art. These dramatic pieces are ordinarily only available in Todd’s showroom in Boulder, and we are thrilled to have them here!