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Gem Water

The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art which was already known to the ancient Greeks and wise men and women during medieval times. Recently, this old tradition has been rediscovered. Gemstones have the ability to store energy. That effect makes quartz watches work, for example. Each type of gem, by nature, has its unique kind of energetic information. The gems inside the VitaJuwel vials transfer their information to the water that surrounds the vial and, thus, improve the waters' vitalization level. An effect which regular water drinkers might even be able to taste! Wine lovers around the world have been smitten with the benefits of decanting wine using our Gem-Water by VitaJuwel Vino Gem blend of amethyst and clear quartz.

Heiando Lacquerware

We are a proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household and our products regularly appear in Japan's international embassies. Building on its legacy in Japan, Heiando is pleased to announce its expansion across the Pacific to North America.

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