Why Shop Fox's Seattle's Designer Jewelry?

From ultra-modern to vintage and everything in between, our designer jewelry selection spans an incredible range of styles. Perhaps you’re searching for a classic necklace for your special someone, or you’re hoping to find an alternative cuff bracelet that fits your true love’s one-of-a-kind personality. Whatever the case may be, we are confident that you’ll find the right piece at Fox’s Seattle.

You’ll find countless designs featuring different precious metals, gemstones, and styles. Browse through pieces in classic yellow and white gold or find something ultra-feminine in a beautiful shade of rose gold. White diamonds and pearls are perfect for those with a timeless style, while colored diamonds or raw gemstones capture an eclectic, modern look.

Unique Jewelry Designers

Designers like Kwiat, Mark Patterson, Mikimoto, Sethi Couture, and SUWA are among the favorites for our shoppers with more traditional tastes. For those who are looking for something entirely different and unique, Alex Sepkus and Todd Reed incorporate modern design elements that set their pieces apart. And for many shoppers, a blend of old and new best captures their style, with pieces from Ray Griffiths, Sebastien Barier, and Gurhan. Our favorites can be found in the Fox’s Finds collections, made up of stand-out pieces from a variety of designers that we know our customers will love.

Custom Jewelry Services 

Even though our designer jewelry collection offers a myriad of beautiful pieces and styles, we understand that for some customers, the perfect piece has not yet been created. If you’re in pursuit of a piece of jewelry that you’ve only seen in your mind’s eye, our custom jewelry service may be exactly what you’re looking for. Our dedicated sales associates can partner with you throughout the entire creative process, helping bring your ideas to life to create a completely unique piece of jewelry. Even if you just have a rough idea of a few elements of your dream piece, the Fox’s Seattle custom design process will help you develop it into a piece of jewelry you will treasure for years to come.

To learn more about our designer jewelry selection, we invite you to contact us today. Let us help you find the perfect piece of designer jewelry for you or your loved one and become a part of the Fox’s family today.