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Alex Sepkus is celebrated for his intricate designs and understated elegance. Rooted in ancient traditions, Alex Sepkus jewelry is a modern art that can be worn with ease. The collection includes unique but timeless engagement rings and wedding bands to one of a kind handpicked gemstone jewelry. We are so proud to be carrying Alex Sepkus for over two decades. 

“The intelligence he applies to his work is far beyond the national standard requirements of a jeweler. We see in Alex’s work an irresistible playfulness, even a quirkiness, unrivaled in the world of the goldsmith.”  – Stephen Webster

About Alex Sepkus

Arman’s jewelry brilliantly juxtaposes old-world technique and modern aesthetic. Working in rich 22kt gold, oxidized silver, diamonds and bright gemstones, Arman uses methods like hand-engraving to achieve a rare level of intricacy and beauty. He views each piece as an original piece of wearable art.


Arman grew up watching his father’s work as a jeweler and today they work side-by-side. The methods are as ornate and intricate as each of Arman’s pieces. Inspired by his travels, art, as well as mystical and spiritual elements, many of his designs are a blend of the Gothic, Byzantine and Russian Renaissance eras.

About Arman Sarkisyan

Fox’s Seattle is proud to carry one of the largest selections of unique wedding bands in Seattle, with a large range of styles that provides a taste for everyone. We know how important choosing a wedding band is for you and your partner, and are happy to assist in every step of the way. From diamond eternity bands to rose gold, you’ll find it all at Fox’s. 

Search our unique collection of classic, traditional, and modern wedding bands online or in our store. We’ll help you find the rings that visually represent your love, commitment and lifelong devotion to your future spouse.

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We bring a unique selection of contemporary wedding bands for those who are looking for a modern alternative to the traditional bridal. We use alternative metals that are sustain-ably sourced with unique design and finishing.

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For three generations, Fox’s Seattle has been playing a part in the love story of countless couples, helping many choose the most important piece of jewelry they’ll ever purchase - the engagement ring. Our team is honored to be a part of these milestone moments. For that reason, we have worked tirelessly to create a selection of handpicked engagement and bridal jewelry that’s different from anything you’ll find at other jewelers. Our engagement ring collection includes everything from the classic and timeless to the contemporary and modern so you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect piece for your big proposal.

At Fox’s Seattle, our selection of designer jewelry has something for every style, whether you’re looking for a piece that’s quirky and unique or classically beautiful. For three generations and over a century, Fox’s Seattle has been providing shoppers with a collection of hand-picked heirloom quality pieces. We are proud to be a trusted source for the best designer jewelry and engagement rings that Seattle has to offer.

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Keep checking back for unique estate timepieces. If you have a specific timepiece in mind please give us a call and we will do our best to track it down for you. 


Save the date for our annual Sethi Couture trunk show coming up May 5th through 8th! Bring in your favorite rings to mix and match with Sethi's stacking bands, or start a new ring or bracelet stack. We also love their selection of everyday studs and pendants. The trunk show will be by appointment - reserve yours today!  

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Sometimes we find a piece or two that speaks to us – and we simply can’t live without it. We call these our Fox’s Finds. We may not have the designer’s full collection, but we want to share these special, often one-of-a-kind, pieces with our clients.


We’re always looking for new designers and we keep an eye on what’s current. So check back to see what’s new.

Gem Water

The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art which was already known to the ancient Greeks and wise men and women during medieval times. Recently, this old tradition has been rediscovered. Gemstones have the ability to store energy. That effect makes quartz watches work, for example. Each type of gem, by nature, has its unique kind of energetic information. The gems inside the VitaJuwel vials transfer their information to the water that surrounds the vial and, thus, improve the waters' vitalization level. An effect which regular water drinkers might even be able to taste! Wine lovers around the world have been smitten with the benefits of decanting wine using our Gem-Water by VitaJuwel Vino Gem blend of amethyst and clear quartz.

Heiando Lacquerware

We are a proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household and our products regularly appear in Japan's international embassies. Building on its legacy in Japan, Heiando is pleased to announce its expansion across the Pacific to North America.

Known for his mastery of old world techniques, Gurhan is credited for propelling 24k gold jewelry into popularity as a metal for contemporary fine jewelry. He uses ancient techniques to hand-hammer the metal, and reinforces shapes and stress points with natural elements.

We have carried Gurhan for over a decade and marvel at the fact that he only hires artists with no jewelry experience so he can teach his meticulous commitment of craftsmanship. Commissioned to create a collection for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gurhan’s work is hailed as a diverse and rich expression of a life worth living.

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About Gurhan

Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for artisan pave and the world’s most brilliant cushion cut diamonds. They made a conscious choice not to patent their cushion cut process and instead examine the rough diamond and custom cut each stone to maximize the brilliance of the final diamond.


A third-generation family business like Fox’s, we have carried Harry Kotlar for a decade and continue to marvel at the spectacular pieces he creates for celebrities, tastemakers and brides around the world.


About Harry Kotlar

ILA Finding the perfect diamond. Simplified. Overwhelmed by the complexity of choosing a diamond, ILA set to work to create something wholly modern. The work of thousands of gemologists – with a mastery much deeper than the quintessential Four C’s – is completed in seconds, distilling tens of thousands of diamond options to the perfect one. Inspired by a deep appreciation of the planet’s resources, ILA exclusively uses ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds. 

About ILA

Jane Taylor Jewelry is a family run company focused on creating modern heirlooms. Born out of Jane's lifelong passion for jewelry and design, she founded her eponymous company in 1994, and the business grew to include her daughter Cleo in 2010.

About Jane Taylor Jewelry

Jennifer Dawes Design has been in the forefront of the green and sustainability movement in jewelry since 2005. Dawes only uses recycled gold and responsibly mined stones wherever possible in her work. The company prides itself on making everything locally (Sonoma, CA) and sourcing using sustainable businesses that use recycled products.

The vision for Jennifer Dawes Design is to be the go-to jeweler for conscientious, thoughtful people who are making a difference in the world. She is committed to producing jewelry in a non-destructive way. Dawes believes that the products she produces are a direct extension of the values she holds dear. 

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