Jewelry Designers in Seattle

  • Alex Sepkus

    Alex Sepkus

    Alex Sepkus is celebrated among jewelers as well as the public for his intricate designs and understated elegance. Rooted in ancient traditions, Alex Sepkus jewelry is a modern art that can be worn...

  • Arman Sarkisyan

    Arman Sarkisyan

    Arman’s jewelry brilliantly juxtaposes old-world technique and modern aesthetic. Working in rich 22kt gold, oxidized silver, diamonds and bright gemstones, Arman uses methods like hand-engraving to achieve a rare level of intricacy and beauty. He...

  • Bayco Jewels

    Bayco Jewels

    Bayco is a fine jewelry company established in New York in 1981 by brothers Moris and Giacomo Hadjibay. The two brothers, having spent their youth in Italy learning the precious gemstone trade from their father,...

  • Erica Molinari

    Erica Molinari

    Erica Molinari's jewelry speaks of her love for old world charm. Beautiful keepsake double-sided talismans in sterling silver and 18K gold, embellished with diamonds and inscribed with inspirational quotes in Latin and Italian. Build your...

  • Fox’s Finds

    Fox’s Finds

    Sometimes we find a piece or two that speaks to us – and we simply can’t live without it. We call these our Fox’s Finds. We may not have the designer’s full collection, but we...

  • Gurhan


    Known for his mastery of old world techniques, Gurhan is credited for propelling 24k gold jewelry into popularity as a metal for contemporary fine jewelry. He uses ancient techniques to hand-hammer the metal, and reinforces...

  • ILA


    The collection was launched in 2007 and was quickly selected by Saks Fifth Avenue, Moda Operandi, Catbird, and ABC Carpet and Home amongst other international retailers. Vikas traces his roots in jewelry back to his...

  • Jennifer Dawes Design

    Jennifer Dawes Design

    Jennifer Dawes Design has been in the forefront of the green and sustainability movement in jewelry since 2005. Dawes only uses recycled gold and responsibly mined stones wherever possible in her work. The company prides itself on...

  • Lauren Newton Jewelry

    Lauren Newton Jewelry

    Lauren is a zoologist turned jewelry designer from Brooklyn, NY. Her designs take inspiration from her scientific background and the natural world. She believes in expressing individuality through adornment and creates pieces that delight and...

  • Ray Griffiths

    Ray Griffiths

    Renowned for his meticulous metal work, profound technical skills, and use of exquisite gemstones, Ray Griffiths is a lifelong jewelry designer and true lover of all things that sparkle. He personally designs and builds his...

  • Rene Escobar

    Rene Escobar

    Rene Escobar is a proud third-generation jeweler. His company, Rene Escobar Jewelry, is based in South Florida.  Rene is committed to authenticity, originality, and the endurance to the beautiful art of hand-made jewelry.


  • Samantha Louise Jewelry

    Samantha Louise Jewelry

    The Samantha Louise Jewelry collection is 18k yellow gold with a warm matte finish. It is sprinkled with white, champagne, rose cut and rustic diamonds. The jewelry is meant to become intertwined in your story,...

  • Sethi Couture

    Sethi Couture

    Mix and match your favorite Sethi Couture rings and create your unique stack!

    Single Stone

    Single Stone

    Drawing inspiration from vintage design, Single Stone is an original collection of heirloom quality fine jewelry celebrating the enchanting allure of antique diamonds in contemporary settings hand-crafted in Los Angeles.

    Founded by husband and wife...

  • Suwa & Son

    Suwa & Son

    SUWA is a Japanese company known for the precise setting of every stone in their beautifully crafted jewelry designs. They follow the facet pattern on every gem to position it in exact alignment with its...

  • Todd Reed

    Todd Reed

    As a jeweler and an artisan, Todd Reed is first and foremost a storyteller. Using reclaimed metals and rough, raw, unpolished or nontraditional diamonds, Todd Reed...

  • Zuzko Jewelry

    Zuzko Jewelry

    We are frequently asked about local artists, and we are excited to announce that we’re now carrying a fantastic silver jewelry collection by Zuzana Korbelarova of Vashon Island. She began making jewelry after returning several...