How to Buy An Engagement Ring

There are no rules, only guidelines to help you get started.

If you are considering an impending engagement, you likely have questions about shopping for an engagement ring. We’re happy to introduce you to the process and provide as much guidance as you like. In the end, it’s most important that you are completely happy not only with the ring, but with the process that brought you to your decision. Visit our jewelry store to shop our engagement ring selection, or contact our team to learn more about your custom options.

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Whether this is your first or fiftieth time browsing for engagement rings, it can be an overwhelming process. With such a wide variety of styles, colors, and price points, many of our customers find that they are a bit nervous or unsure where to begin. Establishing a basic understanding of your options can be an excellent start to the process and help make it more exciting rather than nerve-wracking.

As you browse our collection of engagement rings, you’ll notice that there is a large range of diamond options. Our jewelry experts will help you find the perfect diamond, exploring different carat weights, cuts, clarity, and colors for your partner. Whether she wants a sustainable and one-of-a-kind antique diamond, or a minimalist, rounded gem that shows simplicity, you’ll find the perfect ring at Fox’s Seattle.

While you start to explore our engagement rings and diamonds, we’ll be asking questions about your partner’s personality and style. Is she a romantic who loves all things vintage, with a soft spot for nostalgia and European touches? Or, is her style classic and minimalistic, with a wardrobe full of classic neutrals and timeless pieces? Maybe your future fiancée has a one-of-a-kind style that’s unlike anything else out there. Taking a moment to get a clear idea of her personal style will help determine what sort of ring shape and diamond type/cut she’ll love.

Current Trends in Engagement Rings

It may seem surprising that the world of engagement rings is one of the ever-changing trends, especially if you’ve never looked closely at the variety of styles out there. For many brides, a classic style best fits the bill, and modern trends aren’t their style. The timeless solitaire, a stunning three-stone ring, or a romantic halo ring – these are engagement rings that have been around for decades.

However, for the bride-to-be that wants something a little different, there are plenty of different styles emerging today. Rose gold has re-emerged as a popular style with the pink-hued gold adding a feminine touch to any engagement ring. Diamonds in a rainbow of colors are perfect for combining classic design with a fun pop of color, and non-diamond engagement rings are also growing in popularity. Unique diamond shapes like the oval shape have attracted a lot of attention, as has the raw diamond – an earthy contrast to the typically polished look.

At Fox’s Seattle, you’re able to explore modern rings as well as classic and unique. We’ll help you find the perfect ring for your fiancée-to-be!

The Fox’s Seattle Difference

When you’re choosing such a pivotal piece of jewelry that's representative of your love and a beautiful future, feeling pressured to make a purchase is the last thing you want. At Fox’s Seattle, each one of our team members is dedicated to being the partner you need in the decision process. Unlike other stores in the Seattle area, no one works on commission. We’re not interested in making a quick sale. Instead, we are committed to supporting you in finding THE ring for your true love! Our jewelry experts are here for you throughout your engagement planning and proposal. We are happy and excited to spend the time getting to know your fiancée-to-be and picking out the ring that fits them perfectly.

We invite you to contact us or visit our Seattle location to learn more about our exquisite collection of engagement rings.

identify your budget

1.identify your budget

You may have heard the convention of “two months salary” as a starting point for your investment in an engagement ring. But we encourage you to do whatever you feel is right. We have helped people find the perfect ring – from modest to extravagant, classic to contemporary, designed or custom made.

ring size and style

2.ring size & style

A diamond is forever and we want you to feel great about the selection process. If your partner has expressed ideas or preferences about ring styles, we’re happy to show you some examples. We can also offer ideas to determine ring size or guide you to options that are easy to size. Some couples come in together to consider options or inquire about a custom design. We’ve assisted future fiancés in all types of scenarios and are happy to help orchestrate an impending proposal.
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understand the 4 cs

3.understand the 4 cs

No two diamonds are exactly the same and identifying the subtle differences can take years behind powerful magnifying machines. It is impossible to be fluent in terminology on your first or even your tenth diamond purchase. We can help translate the details for you. But we encourage everyone to recognize all diamonds are judged on the four Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat.

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come by or call us

4.come by or call us

There’s no perfect way to buy an engagement ring. But it can be as easy as one phone call. We’re happy to answer questions or meet with you to discuss what’s right for you.

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