How to Clean Your Jewelry

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We have been getting lots of questions about how to clean jewelry at home! This is a great question, and Sethi Couture made a handy little visual on how to do it. Just a reminder, if you're doing any yardwork or home improvement right now, remove your rings first. And if you're using hand sanitizer, be sure to not apply it while wearing porous gemstones like turquoise, opal, and pearl. We also sell a foaming jewelry cleaner that we just love.

"Tools for Cleaning" photo of bowl and toothbrush. "Tools: toothbrush (mine is a new one from a travel kit but any will do) and a little bowl to put the rings in."
words "Cleaning 101. 1.Add a small amount of dishwashing soap to the small bowl. 2. Add warm water. 3. Let the rings soak 20-40 mins for a deep clean. For a quick clean, you can soak for less time." Photo of bowl with dish washing soap.
1. photo of empty bowl 2. photo of bowl with dishwashing soap 3. photo of bowl with water and soap and rings. arrow with words points to #3 "Add water after putting the rings in the bowl"
Photo of tooth brush and bowl of rings with water and soap. Words "Bath Time! Gently brush each ring with soap and water. Just a reminder, make sure you checked the condition of your rings beforehand."