The Club is back!

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The Club is back!

two white face brown strap watches

Even if you don't see it right away: The design of the NOMOS model Club has been completely revised


In May 2007, we launched Club ref. 701 as an affordable entry point into the world of mechanical timekeeping. It was well received across the board, this watch had no competition. Then in 2017, we launched the colorful Club Campus series, which has been very popular. New models are added to the series every year. And the original Club was taken out of the NOMOS watch range. However, many customers have missed it—that's why we have decided to re-release this watch.

But not as it was, rather with the insights gained from our Club Campus series—and also Club Sport models. It would not have been necessary, as Club was already a classic. But we wanted to bring what we have learned from newer versions of Club to the original model as well. So for the very first time, we have revised the design of one of our watches. And even if you don't see it right away, the dial has been completely redesigned with watchmaking meticulousness. These changes include:

• Typography. Numerals are larger, more vivid, and have a clear outline. The hour numerals and indexes are lined with Superluminova. This makes it easier to read, more functional, and luminescent.

• Sub-seconds dial. It has been enlarged, and now also features numerals—which gives it a sportier aesthetic.

• Dial overture. The minute track has been placed further out, making the dial appear more open. This effect is enhanced with shortened minute indexes and minute numerals. The "Made in Germany" inscription at six o’clock was also refined in this process.

• Dial color. It is now lighter and brighter; white silver-plated to be precise.

Countless intermediate steps were necessary to coordinate all the individual changes. As a result, everything is new and improved—but it is still the same watch. And we are sure that customers will continue to appreciate the model Club in this optimized design for the next 15 years as well.