A Rainbow of June Jewels

A Rainbow of June Jewels
gold and diamonds rings on a white background


We just returned from our annual jewelry buying trip to Las Vegas! All four of us, plus Joy and Chai went this year and had a great time. We now have beautiful new pieces arriving every day! We are open Tuesday - Thursday from 10am to 4pm, Friday - Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Make an appointment or just stop by! You can also text us at 206.623.2528. 

man and woman standing and smiling at an event

June is Pride Month! We are celebrating by donating a portion of every Sethi Couture rainbow sapphire band to the Trevor Project. The mission of the Trevor Project is to end suicide among LGBTQ youth. Sethi Couture's playful bands feature pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple sapphires set in 18k rose gold or 18k yellow gold.

gold rainbow sapphire ring stack on a background of yellow and pink

All of the one-of-a-kind Alex Sepkus pieces from our Vegas order just arrived! We always schedule Sepkus for our first appointment of the show for the best selection. This year we went color crazy with tourmalines in every color of the rainbow, rubellite, turquoise, opals, citrines, druzy quartz, and Mahenge garnet. These pieces are not online yet, call or text for more details!

yellow gold and gemstone jewelry spread out in two hands over green leaves

Are you celebrating a dad or grad this month? Watches by Nomos Glashutte are a great gift for dads and grads! Every year, the Club Campus is introduced in new colors just in time for graduation season. This year's electric green color so perfect for summer! We just received a 36mm with exhibition back today. This size is perfect on any wrist.

steel watch with green dial worn by person with a green sweatera

June is pearl month! We love these natural baroque pearl earrings from Ray Griffiths. Pearls are a timeless classic, perfect for celebrating a graduation, wedding, or professional accomplishment. They are also the traditional birthstone for June! Pearls have been treasured since ancient times, and never go out of style. As Jackie Kennedy once said, "Pearls are always appropriate.'"

hand holding a pair of oblong shaped pearl earringsf

Lucky June babies actually have three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Alexandrite is an extremely rare variety of chrysoberyl that changes color in different lighting conditions. Moonstone is a mystical gem that glows like its namesake. We love the moonstone gem tab by Lauren Newton. It pairs perfectly with our other charms!

yellow gold gemstone charms in multiple colors with small diamonds
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Ray Griffiths Pop-Up Show in July!

Ray Griffiths Pop-Up Show in July!
In July we are so excited to be featuring the work of Ray Griffiths with a month-long pop up shop. Ray is charming, talented, and has an Australian accent, which makes him pretty irresistible! He is the son of a shoemaker and grew up making shoes until he grew interested in jewelry as a teenager. He apprenticed at an old jewelry restoration house in Melbourne and the rest is history! Ray’s signature is his 18k gold crownwork, which he pairs with gorgeous gemstones like chrysoprase, moonstone, and tourmaline. Continue reading

February's Birthstone: Amethyst

February's Birthstone: Amethyst
amethyst geode piece

February's birthstone is the regal purple amethyst. Amethysts are a member of the quartz family, The name comes from the ancient Greek a- ("not") and μέθυστος méthystos ("intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the stone prevented drunkenness. Medieval European soldiers wore amulets made out of amethyst into battle, believing that it would keep them cool-headed, and Tibetans consider amethyst sacred to the Buddha and make prayer beads from it.

Alex Sepkus Amethyst Cityscape Ring with large oval cut amethyst

Amethyst "Cityscape" ring by Alex Sepkus

In the Old World, amethyst was considered one of the most precious gems until large deposits of it were found in Brazil. Amethyst can also be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Austria, Canada, and even the United States, where it is the official state gemstone of South Carolina.

At Fox's, we think the perfect February birthday gift is this gorgeous amethyst necklace by Ray Griffiths:

amethyst necklace with tiny amethyst beads

If you don't like purple but still want to be protected from intoxication, you can still wear amethysts. These gemstones can be heat treated to become citrine and prasiolite, which are yellow and green in color, respectively. You may also find very pale amethysts, which are called Rose de France. Whatever shade you prefer, we can find it for you at Fox's!



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Fox's Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Fox's Holiday Gift Guide Part 2
Santa with coal in his hand

Santa stopped by Fox's yesterday, and he says you're on the naughty list! Shop our gift guide to get yourself back on the nice list with your sweetie. Hours this week are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday, December 24th.

Outdoor photo of the window at Christmas time of Fox's Seattle

Under $500:

Gurhan sterling silver and 24k gold "Willow" bracelet, $330

Gurhan sterling silver willow bracelet

Gurhan sterling silver and 24k gold square stud earrings, $475

Gurhan square earrings in yellow gold and silver

$500 to $2,500:

Suwa diamond octahedron and 18k yellow gold pendant, $700

SUWA yellow gold diamond pendant

Sethi Couture baguette diamond and 18k rose gold stud earrings, $1,320

Sethi couture rose gold baguette diamond earrings

$2,500 to $5,000:

Arman Sarkisyan diamond, sterling silver, and 22k gold station necklace, $4,510

Arman station necklace with silver and diamond stations and yellow gold chain

Kwiat 18k white gold and diamond line bracelet, $5,000

diamond line bracelet in white gold

$5,000 to $15,000:

Todd Reed 4-stone multicolored sapphire and 18k rose gold ring, $7,710

todd reed rose gold and colored sapphire ring


Dream gifts over $15,000:

Alex Sepkus platinum and diamond link bracelet, $17,735

Alex Sepkus platinum link bracelet

Todd Reed custom green tourmaline, onyx, and 18k gold tassel pendant, $35,950

Custom Todd Reed tassel pendant with green tourmaline

Gifts for men:

Todd Reed black diamond band, $1,650

todd reed hand forged black diamond band

Nomos 1st Edition Neomatik Orion Wristwatch, $3,700

Nomos white dial wrist watch




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Fox's Holiday Gift Guide

Fox's Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our first annual Fox's Holiday Gift Guide! We've compiled our most wonderful items in every price range. Don't forget, this weekend is the last full weekend of shopping before Christmas! In addition to our usual hours, Monday - Saturday from 10-6pm, we'll be open Sunday December 18th from 12-5pm. On Saturday December 24th, we will be closing early at 3pm. We wish you all a very happy holiday season!

Fox's Seattle holiday window with white birch tree

Under $500:

Gurhan sterling silver bangle bracelet, $395

Gurhan sterling silver bracelet


$500 to $2500:

Nomos Glashutte Ludwig 33mm stainless steel wristwatch, $1,700

Nomos Ludwig stainless steel watch

Kwiat diamond and 18k white gold "Sunburst" earrings, $2,050

Kwiat diamond studs in 18K white gold


$2500 to $5000:

Arman Sarkisyan opal, sterling silver, and 22k yellow gold locket, $2,950

Arman sterling silver and 18K yellow gold locket with opal cabochon

Ray Griffiths labradorite and 18k yellow gold drop earrings, $4,895

Ray Griffiths 18K yellow gold labradorite and moonstone earrings
$5000 to $15,000:

Todd Reed diamond, 18k yellow gold, and oxidized sterling silver cuff bracelet, $7,920

Todd Reed diamond 18K yellow gold and silver wave cuff bracelet

Alex Sepkus hessonite garnet "Little Windows" ring, $10,380

Alex Sepkus Garnet ring in 18K yellow gold


Dream gifts over $15,000:

Alex Sepkus 18k yellow gold and diamond bracelet, $21,865

Alex Sepkus 18K yellow gold diamond bracelet

Gifts for Men:

Todd Reed sterling silver, palladium, and black diamond band, $3,410

Todd Reed black diamond and palladium ring

Nomos Glashutte Metro Neomatik Nachtblau 35mm stainless steel wristwatch, $3,960


Nomos blue dial watch



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Vegas Day 3

Day 3 in Las Vegas starts out with a glowing golden circle in the sky, and glowing golden circles at Gurhan in the form of these stunning 24k gold hammered disc earrings.

Photo of necklaces and earrings from Gurhan display case

Gurhan is best known for his mastery of pure 24k gold, but several years back, he started mixing in sterling silver, and the result was incredibly fun and versatile. Below, Zoey stacks a Gurhan bracelet made of sterling silver, 24k gold, druzy quartz, and onyx with her platinum link Alex Sepkus bracelet.

Photo of wrist with two bracelets

Gurhan also does stunning work with gemstones, particularly opals. This incredible necklace of opal, kyanite, blue topaz, and moss aqua set in 24k gold came home to Seattle with us!

Photo of blue stone necklace from Gurhan

The next stop is at Harry Kotlar, another 3rd generation family-owned business like Fox's. Kotlar is best known for their signature - and incredibly beautiful - Kotlar cushion diamond, but this lovely oval really caught our eye.

Photo of hand trying on large diamond pave engagement ring with many trays of rings below hand.

Kotlar is also known for their artisan pave and meticulous craftsmanship. So many engagement rings to choose from!

Trays of white and yellow diamond engagement rings

We can't resist snapping a few pictures to remember these classic pendants by when we are back home.

Photo of iphone taking a photo of diamond necklaces on table full of jewelry

Our last appointment of the day is with our friend Ray Griffiths. We had the pleasure of having Ray at our store a few months ago, and he is such a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. He couldn't resist getting silly with Zoey's baby bump!

Photo of Zoey and Ray at his booth Ray Griffiths.

We couldn't resist this row of beautiful blues! Aren't the tassels fun?

Photo of blue earrings from Ray Griffiths.

We love all of Ray's work, but turquoise mixed with his signature 18k yellow gold crownwork is such an eye-catching combination.

Photo of pink necklace forms with blue turquoise necklaces from Ray Griffiths draped all over.

The last event of the day is the Couture awards, to honor the pieces of jewelry from the show that are particularly noteworthy in design and workmanship.

Photo of Couture design award trophies

We head home early to compare notes and rest up for our last day at the show.

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Spotlight on Ray Griffiths

Spotlight on Ray Griffiths

We had the pleasure of having one of our newest designers, Ray Griffiths, in the store for a trunk show last week. Ray is charming, talented, and has an Australian accent, which makes him pretty irresistible!

Ray Griffiths with Joy and Chai Mann at Fox's Seattle. Bottom photo Zoey and Ray at Fox's Seattle.

He also has a very interesting backstory. Ray is the son of a shoemaker and grew up making shoes. As a teenager he grew interested in making jewelry and became an apprentice at an old jewelry restoration house in Melbourne. As Ray puts it, "I started filing and hammering and turned out to be good at it!"

Ray Griffiths 18k yellow gold crown work rings. Multiple rings in many colors and sizes on fingers

After that he ran away from Australia and saw the world for 4 years, seeing many of the places and buildings that would later become inspirations for his jewelry - Greco-Roman ruins, Gaudi cathedrals in Barcelona, and Moorish architecture in Spain - before returning to Sydney and becoming a partner at a jewelry business for 18 years. He then packed his entire life - including all of his gold, gemstones, and jewelry making equipment - into a shipping container and moved to New York to seek his fortune, only to arrive to find that the shipping container had been stolen. He had nothing but the 2 suitcases of clothing he carried onto the plane. He worked at a clothing store until a generous friend gifted him her jewelry making equipment and he was back in business!

Numerous strands of necklaces by ray griffiths. Gem stones and 18k yellow gold pieces.

He spent the next 10 years making and selling jewelry at the late, great Fragments in NYC before launching his own label, which is when we found him. If you love architecture, antiques, gorgeous gemstones, and 1920's flapper necklaces, you will love Ray's jewelry. We hope you will stop by and take a look!

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